10 thoughts on “RSVP

  1. Hello JORDAN AND ANA; It was a joy to read both of your love stories. Truly God has led you two together and I am so happy about your coming marriage and serving our Lord together.
    With love and blessings,
    Aunt Joyce in CA.

  2. Dear Ana and Jordon,
    Thank you for thinking of us and inviting us to your wedding. I’m sorry, we’re unable to attend. We will have family visiting from MN at that time. We are happy and thrilled for you. Getting to know you and your family while living in Pakistan was truly a blessing! It’s also been a real special blessing all these years to keep current with the Ort family! May God bless your marriage daily and grant you a long beautiful life together.
    Andrea and Eric Klanderman

  3. With regret we cannot attend your marriage ceremony on December 7th. I know it will be a beautiful and memorable celebration with family loved ones, and friends. We will look forward to the photos. God bless you.

  4. Thank you so much for the kind invitation to your wedding. We would have loved to be with you in person on the day, but distance won’t allow that. We thank God for the way He has led you both to this point in your lives and pray for His blessing upon you both as you enter into this covenant of marriage together. May God bless you. With our love Ruth Richard and Samuel Verrinder, Westcliff, UK

  5. Ana Marie & Jordan,
    We rejoice with you two!! You have a wonderful story of God’s great faithfulness in bringing you two together! We will not be able to attend your wedding, but would like to send you a gift to celebrate with you! Where should we send it? Love, Ed & Nancy Harkins

  6. hallo Ana Marie und Jordan,
    wir haben uns sehr gefreut, als uns Georg erzählte, dass Ihr heiratet. Leider ist es uns nicht möglich zu dem Termin und auf die Schnelle nach USA zu kommen. Wir wünschen Euch viel Glück und Gottes Segen für Euren gemeinsamen Lebensweg und hoffen, dass wir uns wieder einmal sehen. Vielleicht an unserem neuen Wohnort in Canasvieiras in Südbrasilien.

    Alles Gute und herzliche Grüsse

    Wolfgang und Bea Weber

  7. I loved your stories of your courtship. What a blessing the way the Lord worked things out for you. I do regret that I will not be able to be at your wedding. But am looking forward to your shower this Saturday. Judi Fowler

  8. Ana and Jordan,
    Mark and I are so happy for you and the love God has brought to you! We won’t be able to be at the wedding but will keep you in our prayers. Congratulations!!!!!!!
    Lisa Brewer

  9. Dear Jordan and Ana Marie,
    I’m so happy for your both and have enjoyed reading your courtship story. Thank you so much for inviting me to the wedding, but I won’t be able to attend. I actually thought about making the trip down to Louisville, but that weekend there is a presentation of The Messiah that I am playing in. May God bless you on your wedding day and always! Hope you’ll post wedding pics!!
    Love, In Christ,
    Mary Cooper

  10. Dear Jordan and Ana Marie, even though we have never met you we do feel so moved by your beautiful story and we wish you every happiness in the future as God uses you both (as a couple!) to bless others. Please come and see us in England if ever you would like to. We would also be grateful if you could pass on our love to your dear parents Ana Marie and please tell them that we would really love it if they could come to stay with us in York too. Our love and prayers are with you all as you approach the wonderful celebration of your marriage.

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